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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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World safety DayThe International Labor Organization (ILO) every year organizes a World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated on 28th of April. The intention is to promote decency and health working. On these day, many issues pertains workplace safety and health, safety at work regulations and many other issues that concerns good working environment are tackled. Every year has a theme, even if other normal issues will be looked into.

This year’s theme; Join in building a culture of prevention on OSH is going to dwell on deeper issues related to management of health and safety at work as a whole. Some of the things that will be looked at include;

    • To ensure that health and safety at work training is done without any excuse or failure 
    • Safety at work, will only be achieved if workers together with their employers collectively give an hand towards workplace safety and health
    • To ensure that safeday web page has been improved for users to be able to design their own campaigns.
    • After the safeday page has been done to standard, now the members can download trilingual posters and much more important information that one will require.

World day for safety and Health at work enlightens workers on various issues like:

What is health and safety at work?

    • This is a health and safety at work act that provides legal guidelines on how good standards of health working and safety will be achieved in the place of work.  
    • The act touches the employer and the employee and these are management of health and safety at work regulations.
    • Workplace safety healthy will be looked into, for instance how to get other ways to prevent diseases using medical bracelet that one can get from My Identity Doctor.

My Identity Doctor

    • They base their specialty in medical Id safety
    • They really make sure their patients get the best engraving and also visibility
    • They very strong engraver which flames information all through to the metal  
    • You can get a good number of medical jewelry from Asthma Id bracelet to lung diseases, the number is unlimited.

According to the safety act, Employers must do the following:

    • Provide any necessary required safety equipment’s, and all systems of work to be safe
    • Ensure that all materials used are stored and handled in a proper manner
    • Ensure that employers are safe, within the environment of work.
    • Ensure that a written safety policy is provided
    • Ensure that the health and safety of other people, for instance the public
    • Ensure that safety representatives have been talked to employees
    • The following are the responsibility of every employee as per the act:
    • Every employee should take responsibility of their health and safety and for other people.
    • Employees must co-operate with employers or their bosses
    • Anything that has provided because of health and safety, should not be interfered with.   

Depression Awareness Week

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A Depression Awareness Week is going to take place starting April 20 till 26. In this Anxiety

Awareness week sessions will take place explaining the symptoms of depression. So, come and be a part of this event and save a life. You can get your loved ones along if they are facing such mental disorders. We will try to make their life worth living. Let me first explain you the general causes of Depression.Depression Awareness Week

1. Unforgettable Failures: Depressions starts overruling one’s mind when we are not able to absorb the normal ups and downs of our lives in a positive manner. We tend to forget that these failures, sorrow, sadness are just temporary. Just be positive and take life easily.

2. Sleeping Disorders: You often turn into an insomniac or you sleep too much. In both the extreme situations, you face lot of sleep disorders that leads to hopelessness.

3. Going Away: One starts withdrawing himself from family and friends. As you don’t feel like doing anything and nothing excites you anymore.

4. Negative Thoughts: The person suffering from depression start feeling negative about everything. No sign of joy or hope is left in you making you feel empty from within.

5. Diet and Weight: One either stops eating or start eating way too much without any break. Food disorders are found very common in such patients.

6. Energy Loss: Getting tired very easily, feeling sluggish and slow all the time are also common symptoms. This also includes taking longer time to finish the tasks which were easy for you earlier.

7. Losing Temper: During this phase, you lose your calm and keep scolding everyone who comes to you. As you are experiencing a vulnerable situation, you get offended easily.

Now, these were few basic symptoms that are encountered at the time of depression. It is important to come out of the depression as soon as possible. Follow the below mentioned steps to defeat the evil of Depression.

1. Sunshine: Come out of the dead dark room, which is curbing the light of sunshine

2. Inspire Yourself: Do something that interests you or you are passionate for,

3. Take a Short Break: Go for short trip or a day excursion with anyone you love to

4. Medical Aid: Consult a doctor at My Identity Doctor, who can help you come out

5. Eat Right: A considerate diet can readily help to overcome all the negative to enter your mind, body and soul. Enlighten yourself by breaking the walls of darkness. which will get the smile back on your face. be with. It will break the monotonous lifestyle that is also considered a root cause of depression. of the slow killing disease. Also, medical jewelry, bracelets, and ID’s are provided to the patients in order to fight against the disease the patient is suffering from. feelings at once. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

6. Laugh it Out: A complete solution to all problems lies in your smile. Enjoy the sad point of life as it is a phase which ends eventually.


Allergy Awareness Week: 20th – 26th April 2015

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People generally think that a food allergy or allergy caused by medicines are relatively low, but the sad truth is that it is not that way. A drug allergy or any other allergy can lead to a very serious medical emergency, and may even threaten your life. If you want to prevent yourself from a specific allergen (z. B. peanut allergy or penicillin allergy) and take all necessary steps to accidental overdose or severe allergy, you will need to wear a medical ID bracelet or a specific medical allergy bracelet.

What are Allergies?allergy-18656_1280

An allergy is basically an error by the immune system. If a particular non‐harmful substance enters the body, your white blood cells will treat the foreign substance, as if it were a disease that release histamine and other chemicals that lead to some unpleasant side effects. If you see itchy skin, hives, swelling, rashes, congestion, or troubling breathing after taking something as an allergen, then contact your doctor to determine if you have an allergy to anything.

I have a drug allergy?

The two most common types of allergies are allergies to foods and allergies to medications. If you have a food allergy, you can avoid contact with the substance in general, and you will be OK. If you have a drug allergy, you must be certain that there are arrangements in place to ensure that you do not accidentally get medications without knowledge of you allergy when you are unconscious and unable to communicate with doctors and paramedics.

These medical professionals search for a medical bracelet or allergy alert bracelet before they administer any drug needed. For example in a car accident, before the paramedic administers morphine, he or she checks for signs to see if you have a drug allergy or not. He or she sees on your left arm for a type of medical ID bracelet.

When the professional attending you sees your medical ID bracelet, he or she would then choose a different type of drug, managing a potentially fatal dose of a dangerous allergen to prevent. It will also help them to know about food allergies such as peanut allergy, tree nut allergy, shellfish allergy, etc.

Nut allergy bracelets

Nut allergy nut allergy bracelets or jewelry is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind , for moderate to severe nut allergies. After all one can not serve decoratives with a purpose beyond being bracelets, necklaces and anklets also. However, when it comes to a chronic condition, such as a nut allergy, quickly identified as having this disease is often necessary.

Therefore nut allergy bracelets are often worn. They are not just for anyone to learn about the health of the wearer, but also for rescue workers, first‐aid personnel and medical professionals to perform the appropriate action if the carrier to make involved attention in an emergency.

What forms of medical identification jewelry are there?

There really is no substitute for a medical ID bracelet in terms of quality, price and purpose. You get a large selection which includes a variety of styles and sizes, so that your condition can slide by unnoticed except by those who need to know. Many people decide that medical tattoos are a foolproof way to inform doctors of their condition, but they are receiving very painful, and create a permanent mark on the skin. Besides many patients also use a medical ID card to slip into their wallet, but what happens when you are without your wallet in the hospital?

Fortunately, there are some quality online stores like that offer a wide selection of affordable medical ID jewelry, readily available for everyone with internet access.


Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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Beat Summer Heat Summer is just around the corner and with that comes the summer heat 2015. Many people love the heat. It means they can swim in the pool or go to the beach. But for others, it comes with some real health risks. Older people, young kids, and people with certain conditions are at high risk for the dangers of heat. Some of the dangers include: heat stroke, dehydration, cramps, fainting, dizziness, or heat exhaustion. If you’re at high risk for these, try out these summer heat safety tips.

  • Wear loose-fitted clothing. Nothing is worse in the summertime than clothes that stick to your sweaty body. But it’s also not good for your body. Your body needs space to breathe. By wearing tight clothing, you’re inhibiting your body’s natural cooling process.

  • Drink a lot of water. In the heat, our bodies dehydrate at a much quicker pace. A lack of water can quicken the onset of heat stroke and other heat-related medical conditions. Be sure to always have a bottle of water with you when you’re out in the heat.

  • Consider getting a medical bracelet. Medical alert jewelry can save your life. It will contain your personal information and medical history in case you are not in a state of mind to do so yourself. This could be quite useful in the summer months when the chance of fainting is heightened. You can look online for all different kinds and styles of bracelets.

  • Learn about the medication you’re taking. Some medications can lower or raise your body temperature. Other medications can dehydrate you. In order to beat the summer heat, be aware of the effects of your medication. Take any precautions necessary to prevent your body from overheating.

  • Don’t stay out too long. If you’re at high risk for heat-related problems, you won’t want to be out too long. Let the people you’re with know of your special condition. Stay in the shade when possible, and when you feel it’s time, head indoors. It may put a damper on the summer fun, but it’s better than becoming sick!

  • Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen does more than protect your skin, it protects your entire body. When your skin burns, it’s less able to cool your body. This is because your top layer of skin dies, closing up the pores on the surface. Your heat and sweat get trapped below your top layer of skin.

Overall, you need to pay attention to your body. It is a fragile system that can shut down when not taken care of. Do your best to take all these precautions. Talk to your doctor for more ways to prevent summer heat from ruining your fun in the sun. Make this summer the best – and healthiest – yet!



10 Healthy Travel Tips to Keep In Mind

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10 Healthy Travel Tips If you do a lot of traveling, there are a lot of tips and tricks you should probably learn in order to maintain convenience, safety, and just packing correctly. This is especially important for people who travel a lot for business and want to be organized and safe in foreign countries that they are not familiar to. This article will discuss travel safety trips, as well as business travel tips, and keep you informed on how to make this a more convenient journey.

  1. Always keep an eye on your belongings. You do not know where you are and keeping your valuables close to you at all times can be a big difference.
  2. Wallets and purses, and other valuables, should be in your back pocket regardless of your pocket size. These are things that have to be kept close to you no matter what the reason. This goes along with carry on tips when packing; the less you need to take the better.
  3. Put things away even if you feel that you can just carry it around your neck. People love to take things that are in plain sight; do not give them that advantage!
  4. If you are traveling with someone, keep a travel buddy nearby and do not stray. There is a lot of security and defense with being with a companion than on your own.
  5. Have insurance if you do not have some already. No matter what the reason, everyone should have insurance to protect what they have overseas. This is some of the best defense possible you can have for yourself.
  6. Watch where you go, especially if you hear talk of it being dangerous. Some people may like to adventure that way, but it is always a safe bet that it is not worth your life to travel on the wild side.
  7. Get your important documents scanned electronically on the off chance that they are lost. It is good to have a backup no matter what the situation is.
  8. Getting a health check-up can be important so you are not going into foreign lands with a disease, nor taking one back with you. This is something we often overlook but can be vital in our survival. There are medical ID bracelets and medical jewelry you can buy to keep people informed of whatever condition you may have as well at
  9. Keep cash and your cards separate on you. Having something like a money belt can be useful in keeping your cash from being stolen as well as your cards.
  10. Lastly, be sure to type your personal details online. Make sure you are in a secure location and do not use your card in an internet café. There are all sorts of viruses and scams in international countries you do not even know about and they are just waiting to snatch it up.
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