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Why Should Every Cancer Patient Wear The My Identity Doctor Cancer Awareness Bracelet.

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In the case you’re incapacitated, a My Identity Doctor Cancer Awareness Bracelet speaks for you when you’re not able to, and may just save your life. Remember you may not always be at or near home when an emergency arises. In the case you are travelling a medical identity bracelet is a must have accessory for cancer patients. First responders, paramedics and medical staff are trained to automatically look for a medical identity bracelet that can give them any information relevant to your treatment in such critical circumstances.

Cancer Awareness

The benefits of wearing a My Identity Doctor Cancer Awareness Bracelet include preventing minor issues becoming major medical emergencies, and could possibly save you an unnecessary trip to the hospital. Should medical treatment and/or hospitalisation be required, your medical identity bracelet can prevent misdiagnosis and ensure that appropriate action is taken immediately, saving time when even moments can make the difference between life and death.

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, a medical identity bracelet is vital. Chemotherapy can cause dehydration, bleeding issues, confusion and memory loss, among other side effects. Should you suddenly require emergency treatment, the bracelet provides the staff treating you with pertinent information about the drugs that are part of the chemotherapy regimen you are receiving, so they can avoid prescribing medications that may result in dangerous drug interactions. This holds for any other medications you are currently taking such as scheduled analgesics which include morphine and codeine.

Another reason why cancer patients, and also those in remission, should wear medical identity bracelets is the risk posed by Lymphedema, the swelling of limbs caused by the body’s inability to adequately drain lymph fluid. Lymphedema may be the result of a primary (tumour) or secondary (such as breast cancer) condition, and can occur post-surgery (for example, post a mastectomy) or be due to radiation treatment. In worst case scenarios, it can be life threatening which is reason enough to persuade cancer patients and survivors to invest in a medical identity bracelet.

It is advisable to consult your primary medical practitioner when planning what information to have engraved on your identity bracelet. It is usually a good idea to include your first name, blood type and an emergency contact number. Depending on your current treatment status, and how much information needs to be included, you can always download the wallet card form on which you can fit more details about your condition, chemotherapy regimen and/or any other medications you are taking, as well as your practitioner’s number if need be. The wallet card can then be referred to on your medical identity bracelet.

My Identity Doctor offers a range of aesthetically pleasing medical ID necklaces and bracelets for men, women and children. Customers can order the medical ID relevant to their condition directly from the company’s website which also offers a free downloadable medical ID wallet card.

My Identity Doctor invites readers to give their valued comments and/or suggestions.


Raising Awareness On World Hepatitis Day – 27th July, 2015

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Be Part in the Celebration of World Hepatitis Day
Hepatitis is one of the most contagious and life-threatening health issues affecting hundreds to thousands of people across the world. This can be obtained through various reasons such as excessive alcohol intake. Many people died because of this blood-borne disease and today, everyone is encouraged to take part in the upcoming celebration of the World Hepatitis Day.

Be Part in the Celebration of World Hepatitis Day

Why World Hepatitis Day Is Being Celebrated?
The World Hepatitis Day is being celebrated every year, particularly during the 27th day of July every year. This is a very meaningful event for the healthcare industry wherein healthcare professionals are educating the whole community about hepatitis, including the causes, how it can be transmitted, and the possible interventions that can be performed to provide temporary relief to the symptoms. Hepatitis can be curable but it is not most of the time.

When someone is infected with hepatitis, proper use and disposal of injections, and keeping of the personal items owned by the patient are should be carefully observed so as to help in the prevention of the spread of the disease. People who are sick with hepatitis should be assisted and comforted, knowing that their condition is serious and it can put their life into death.

Through the years, many people died because of hepatitis since this disease attacks the liver and there is no permanent cure for it, but only temporary treatments that can help in alleviating the symptoms. A person who suffers from hepatitis will suffer from cirrhosis which is the terminal stage of this disease. The only thing that can be done is to control and slow down the effect of hepatitis to liver.

Many people are afraid of having this disease as it can ruin everything. It brings so much frustration on the part of the patient, and even to his or her relatives. So in the upcoming celebration of World Hepatitis Day, everyone should take part to understand better the nature of this disease and how one can spare his or her self from having it. You are invited in this event, which is mainly designed to raise awareness on hepatitis.

Hepatitis can be acquired by men and women, old and young. If you want to learn more about this disease, please show your support in this campaign. There will be medical ID jewelry and medical bracelets that will be given to all participants as a token of appreciation. Let’s make this a more worthwhile event.

How to Raise Awareness on Hepatitis
To help in raising awareness of hepatitis, please follow these tips:

  • Help everyone learn more about hepatitis by sharing informative contents about the disease on social media.
  • Encourage the public to attend a seminar on blood borne diseases.
  • Organizing events that are mainly centered on educating the society about hepatitis prevention.

Helping people 24×7; Samaritans Awareness Day – 24th July, 2015

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We are in that month of the year again where we celebrate the Samaritans Awareness Day. For visitors who are just reading this for the first time, certainly, your question is – “What is Samaritans Awareness Day”?


Simply put, Samaritan Awareness Day is a day set aside by a wide range of volunteer groups across the UK and the Republic of Ireland known as SAMARITANS to publicize their availability to assist and offer support 24 X 7 to any individual who may be going through suicidal feelings or any form of emotional distress and also to raise funds to assist these set of people. This year’s edition is holding on the 24th of July 2015.

Who are Samaritans?
The Samaritans are volunteer groups made up of individuals across various countries in the UK who take pride in being available to offer help and support to boys, girls, men and women who are going through one form of emotional or suicidal feeling or the other at any time of the day. The Samaritans have various branches which makes it easier to reach a lot more people even in their locality. You can talk to them for as long as you want while they listen to your plight and allow you to pour out your feelings. No matter how difficult your issue is, Samaritan volunteers are willing and able to help you navigate through and at the end, you will be glad you contacted them. They will not keep any record of your discussion or deeds. Samaritans are really awesome individuals in your downtime. They are life

How is Samaritans Awareness Day celebrated?
Usually, different Samaritan branches have their own way of celebrating the day. These may include – distributing different informative materials at different venues and establishments, placing of banners with helpful information at noticeable places, conducting radio interviews at the venue (this is sometimes carried out by seasoned radio presenters who also volunteer as Samaritans for the day), sharing of free gifts and making use of the Samaritan van to share messages with the public through public address systems.

Why Samaritans Awareness Day is celebrated?
This day is celebrated in order to create awareness about the fact that people can now get help from the Samaritans 24 X 7 whenever they need any form of support.

The latest press release by the Samaritans addresses how to change the lives of those people who are contemplating Suicide.


We recommend that you purchase Medical ID jewelries and medical bracelets for your loved once and for anyone you care about. Medical id alert bracelets are lifesaving accessories designed to provide alerts or information on allergies and diseases including heart related conditions. These alerts are easily read by emergency workers when faced with an emergency situation.

Do you have any comment or information on the Samaritan Awareness day? Do give your comments
and suggestions in the comment box below.


Tips for a Safe, Diabetes Friendly Home.

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Tips for a Safe, Diabetes Friendly Home.Often known as Diabetes Mellitus by doctors, Diabetes is metabolic disease condition that is caused either by an increased level of insulin production or the improper responsiveness of the body cells to insulin consequently resulting in high blood glucose (blood sugar) within the body system. Both conditions may also be present in certain individuals. Diabetic symptoms include weight gain, regular urination, exhaustion, male sexual dysfunction, unusual loss of weight, intense thirst and hunger including tingling and numbness in the feet or hands.

It is therefore, important to maintain a balance in the amount of sugar intake consumed by members of your home in order to have a diabetes free home. Below are tips and responses to questions that should be addressed in order to achieve this:

Diets with low saturated fats and low calories such as vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits and dairy products should be served more in your home. Also, fiber intake should be upped as it is helpful in preventing diabetes. Stay away from regular intake of foods rich in saturated fats and sugar such as fries, cinnamon rolls, fruit juice beverages, biscuits, high carb drinks, cakes, chocolates, purchased cookies and pies, nachos, frozen foods and soft drinks intake.

Typically, start your day with at least a 20 minutes exercise after which you can freshen up. Take your choice breakfast ensuring to eat right and in the right proportion. Spend lesser time with your television because it has been discovered that you could increase your diabetic risk by 20%. Engage in physical activities, take siestas seriously and get enough rest later at night.

Making conscious efforts to learn and stay informed is one habit you will find helpful. Endeavor to eat healthily and partake in physical exercises as often as you can. Avoid smoking and alcohol intake as they increase your chances of being diabetic. Go for checkups with your family at intervals to ascertain your blood sugar level. Don’t live in assumptions. Sleep adequately (7 – 8 hours will be fine). Take lots of water. Lastly, keep up a healthy weight and ensure to lose all unnecessary weight gained.

· Good health status
· Saves you cash
· Saves you time

EXTRA TIP: Purchase medical ID jewelries and medical bracelets for your family as it is a quick way of helping you recognize any medical condition, medication or allergy that may be prevalent in any member of your home.

Do you know other tips that can help maintain a diabetic free home? Kindly drop a comment and/or suggestion below. 


July is The Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month

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July is The Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness MonthHowever strange it might seem to have a cancer awareness month among ethnic minorities, nothing is more urgent than this need. Recently, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus ran a story stating that about 23% of black women have never had a cervical screening as compared to 14% of their white British counterparts.

Also, first-generation immigrant Asian women scored higher than these figures with about 33% of those born in Britain admitting to never having had a cervical screening.

Importance of cancer screening: It’s important to have regular cancer screenings done because the longer you delay in being diagnosed with it, the poorer is the prognosis. So, the chances of your recovery are dimmer.

Besides, there are several cancers like ovarian, prostate and pancreatic that are difficult to spot in the early stages, so being aware of the risks of cancer to your ethnic group and familiarizing yourself with its symptoms could save your life.

Additionally, research points to the fact that one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some part of their lives, so this makes one take cancer screening seriously. Besides, certain cancers are commoner in some ethnic groups, such as:

Prostate cancer: African-Caribbean men are three times more at risk for developing prostate cancer than white men.
Oral cancer: This is common among South Asian communities.
Liver cancer: Liver cancer is prevalent among the Chinese and Bangladeshis.

Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month 2015: This year, Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month (EMCAM) will be observed in July. Its sole aim will be to raise awareness of bowel cancer and for ethnic groups to understand the need to go in for cancer screenings regularly. This campaign also encourages individuals to take up specific services available to them so that precious lives are saved.

The Bowel Cancer, UK, is supporting the campaign with resources and speakers for the event. In the years gone by, EMCAM used to provide individual organizations with grants to fund the activities of the Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness drive. However, in 2015, the organization will provide groups interested in organizing the activities of EMCAM events with contact details of five participating organizations closes to them.

Considering the way cancers develop, it becomes necessary for all cancer patients to wear a medical bracelet to alert doctors and related medical staff of their medical condition, in case they aren’t able to verbalize their condition. Medical jewelry is a small identifying tag with medical information about the wearer, made of stainless steel or silver.

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