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10 Foods that will help you fight cancer

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10 Foods that will help you fight cancerWith the advancement of the medical science, a lot of diseases have been brought under control. But there are still a lot of diseases which are still life threatening. Cancer is the disease which tops that list. Now, it is better to prevent cancer than to cure. Let us see the food items which must be in your diet to reduce the chances and also to fight the deadly cancer.

The foods to be included in your diet to fight cancer

  1. First of all fresh fruits and vegetables must be included in your diet and almost 5 to 6 servings of fresh fruits daily will keep you healthy and remove cancer by giving your body the strength.
  2. Garlic is also another vegetable which stops the cancer causing elements from working in your body. A daily consumption of garlic in your regular diets will keep your digestive system and other body parts free from the carcinogens (cancer causing substances). It is known to have properties that stop the cancerous cells from growing and also to stop the carcinogens from acting.
  3. The berries like blackberry, strawberry, etc. are also known to have anti cancerous properties. So, you should include that to your diet.
  4. Vegetables like tomato are also known to have anti cancerous properties and can fight cancer.
  5. You must not forget the green veggies like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc. to fight cancer.
  6. Replacing the everyday tea with the healthier version, green tea will help a lot in fighting cancer and also keep you healthy.
  7. A healthy and balanced diet like oats, brown rice, and wholegrain will also help a lot in fighting cancer. It also helps increase the body’s immunity.
  8. The curcumin
  9. in turmeric also helps fight cancer and shrink the tumours. So, turmeric should also be consumed in daily recipes.
  10. The leafy veggies like spinach, lettuce have the antioxidants and chemicals to reduce growth of cancerous cells.
  11. Red grapes have antioxidants to reduce cancer in their skins. So, they can be consumed to reduce the chances of cancer. Those antioxidants are also found in red wine.

Now, about fighting cancer, you should also stop smoking and drinking immediately.

You can also wear the cancer bracelets to make people aware of your disease. In case of any emergency, the engravings on the metal bracelets will make the people know about the disease and you will be given immediate necessary care.

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The DO’s & DONT’s if you are suffering from a Penicillin Allergy

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Penicillin AllergyPenicillin is an antibiotic which is used by millions of people worldwide to fight bacterial infections and other related problems. Now, the most common side effect of Penicillin is it side effects. They are commonly known as Penicillin allergy. Now, let us see the chances of the patients having allergy towards Penicillin and how to control them.

Chances of having allergic reactions to Penicillin drugs and the chances of reducing them

A lot of people suffer from the side effects of Penicillin or Penicillin allergy. There are the chances of having a Penicillin allergy. If you have any past history of any allergy to Penicillin, try to consult your physician for any alternative drugs. If you face any kind of skin rashes or any kinds of abnormal reactions after taking the drug, just stop it immediately and contact the physician. The allergic reactions generally occur in the form of hives that come on the skin after taking the drugs. So, you need to stay careful and the moment you see the hives, you have to stop the drug. Sometimes the allergic reactions get more severe and that results in an anaphylactic reaction and that can be a real danger for health of the patient. You can also take the drug in very small quantities in the beginning such that the immune system of your body gets accustomed to it and doesn’t cause any allergic reaction to the drug later on. That is also an effective way to reduce the chances of the Penicillin allergy and stop the anaphylactic reactions. But one thing to remember is that once you face the allergy, stop the drug immediately and never continue it.

Now, there is obvious way to let people know about the allergy and to stay on the safe side always. That is the Penicillin allergy bracelet. Now, the persons suffering from the severe form of the Penicillin allergy can wear the bracelets and make the people such as the rescuers, medical professionals or the people offering the first aid about their illness and this bracelet can also save someone’s life. In many cases it is seen that the doctors and the other medical staffs are not able to know about the patient’s allergy to Penicillin and can prescribe or give some drugs having Penicillin. So, in that case it can also cause severe harm to someone’s life. So, the metal bracelet with the clear notification of the Penicillin allergy is not only for style. It can also be used to save someone’s life.

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Chances of having allergic reactions to Penicillin drugs and the chances of reducing them



Having Peanut allergy? Here is why you should wear the Peanut Allergy Bracelet?

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Peanut allergyWhat is a peanut allergy?

Peanut allergies are reactions from an individual to peanut intake due to the misidentification of peanut as a harmful substance by the body. Usually, the immune system itself begins to release chemicals such as histamine into the blood and this is an overreaction on the part of the immune system. The released chemicals then begins to affect the eyes, skin, lungs etc. including blood vessels and this could result in situations that will require life threatening reactions.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms may range from minor to severe. Manifestations of a mild reaction include – stomachache, eyes that may be hitching, runny nose, or prickling in tongues. Manifestation of severe cases include additional effects such as feeling of a blocked throat, croaky voice, pantingcoughing plus a feeling of sickness to the stomach. The feeling of these symptoms starts after some minutes after peanut intake.

There is a life threatening peanut allergy reaction called anaphylaxis. This is when victims begins to feel problems with their breath intake and food swallowing, feeling of throwing up and diarrhea including clumsiness, blood pressure being extremely low, complicated issues with the lips, tongue, throat and other body parts due to swelling and consciousness loss. Death can result if not treated appropriately.

This condition also expresses itself often within minutes after the intake of peanuts or its related products.  When it comes to food associated anaphylaxia death, peanut allergies are at the fore front of causes. The known treatment for anaphylaxis is epinephrine and it is administered as an injection


At the moment, there has been no cure to lower the pain or kill the effect of Peanut allergies. It is arguably the most responsible for deaths resulting from food allergy. Of the general population, about 1.3% is affected by this allergy. Among siblings with the allergy, there is a certainty that it will affect about 7 percent.

Since avoiding peanut is difficult because of its usage as an additive in various food preparation, then wearing a medical bracelet will be very helpful. In fact can be lifesaving. This is because it helps you receive the right treatment during severe emergency situation.

A typical peanut allergy bracelet will contain information such as your name and the type of food you are allergic to. It is advisable to wear a peanut allergy bracelet or to have within reach an epinephrine automatic injector if you know you are allergic to peanut.

However, in conclusion, we recommend you generally get a medical bracelet. Medical id alert bracelets are lifesaving accessories designed to provide alerts or information on allergies and diseases including heart related conditions. These alerts are easily read by emergency health workers when faced with an emergency situation. It gives these trained professionals a head start to saving you or your loved once. Your medical id alert bracelet communicate your situation even when you cannot utter any word.

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Psoriasis Awareness Month

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psoriasis-awareness-monthAnnually, the National psoriasis awareness is done every August. The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) sponsors the event. During this period, patients, individuals along with their loved once including members of the Psoriasis foundation gather to commemorate and create awareness concerning the disease condition. Through this exercise, opportunities are provided for those who have been affected in one way or the other by the disease to share their stories and create awareness about the disease. These once also contribute to assist in helping to see how to reduce the stigma that comes associated with both disease condition – psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.


Psoriasis is usually a chronic inflammatory skin disease which can be seen as a mild to severe itching, characterized by reddened skin and silvery-white and flaky patches around the surface of the skin. Even though it is just not contagious, about 4 million Americans are affected by this disorder. Symptoms can be also be expressed in kids (10 years above). Psoriasis is common in Great Britain with a reported 2% being affected among the Great Britain population.

Psoriasis exists in four types. These include erythrodermic, plaque, pustular, guttate, and inverse. The plaque psoriasis is the most common among them all. You may find psoriasis on any area of the body and it can result in other complicated health issues like depression and other heart related illness.


Psoriatic arthritis is a disease condition that causes rigidity, aching and swelling in areas around the joints and is experienced by psoriasis patients in their lifetime. Close to 30% of affected patients later develop the psoriatic arthritis condition at an older age (30 – 50).


There is no one autonomous treatment to this disease. Choice of treatment is dependent on the most effective and responsive therapy with the least of side effects as peculiar to patients. Before agreeing on a choice treatment, do visit a healthcare center so that they can determine the best treatment suitable for you. The area of skin affected and the type of disease condition prevailing at the time determines the appropriate treatment to be used. In addition, there is no cure for the disease presently. Available treatment options vary and could include:

  • Ultraviolet light therapy, also referred to as phototherapy
  • Topical ointments and creams application
  • In other cases, a more aggressive therapy could be used.
  • Also, some treatments require the use of oral tablets, capsules or injection.


Although it has been established that this disease is not contagious, testimonials affirm to the fact that these people go through lots of emotion stress and discrimination for its patients. Because some assert that it has hampered their ability to enjoy life to the fullest, depression has been what they have got to live with overtime.

Furthermore, aside this emotional effect, it also increases the risk of suffering from other conditions such as Crohn’s disease, heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stroke, and depression.

However, in conclusion, we recommend you get a medical bracelet. Medical id alert bracelets are lifesaving accessories designed to provide alerts or information on allergies and diseases including heart related conditions. These alerts are easily read by emergency health workers when faced with an emergency situation. It gives these trained professionals a head start to saving you or your loved once. Your medical id alert bracelet communicate your situation even when you cannot utter any word.

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International Youth Day – 12th August 2015

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The grass is always greener on the other side, but this is not something that men and women at ripe old age can think anymore about young people. Considering the health related issues that youth face today, there is no guarantee for physical fitness and good health for young people. Diabetes, hypertension, spondylitis, migraine – problems once associated with the middle-aged and elderly people now also affect the youth. International Youth Day, observed every 12th of August, is not only an occasion to recognize the efforts of today’s youth. It is also about the betterment of physical and mental health of young men and woman today. These simple tips can help young people live a better and healthier life.


Follow a Proper Diet

When was the last time you had a sumptuous breakfast in the morning? The hectic pace of life has all but eliminated breakfasts from the schedule of many employees today. Studies however, tell a different story. You need to kick-start your metabolism with a big breakfast, which would get you started for the day and see your energy levels up until lunch. Have all three big meals of the day at regular time each day, and follow the routine. Add in enough vegetables, lean meat, protein, vitamin and mineral-rich foods. Substitute junk foods with fruits and salads as snacks.

Sleep Well

Much of International Youth Day is about health awareness and tips to live a better and healthy life. Good sleep is one of the keys to wellness, and you should have a proper 8-hour sleep everyday to get yourself going for the other two parts of the day. Do not follow erratic sleep habits, and doze off at any time that you like. Sleeping at a proper time every day will keep you refreshed and allow your glands and organs to perform well, something that even a professional youth health centre will not be able to do.

Exercise Regularly
Lack of exercise brings on many of the youth health problems today. Regular exercise is necessary to become fit and healthy, and your workouts should not be only about looking good. They should be about providing you with the ability to perform your daily chores well enough. Whether it is floor exercises, walking, free hand exercises or working out at the gym, you should try to exercise for at least 4 – 5 days a week to stay healthy.


EXTRA TIP: Purchase medical ID jewelries and medical bracelets as it is a quick way of helping you recognize any medical condition, medication or allergy that may be prevalent in any member of your home.

Share your feedbacks on this article and inform us how else you would encourage youths to stay healthy today.

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