Arthritis Bracelets

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Arthritis is known as the most common cause of disability in USA. It is classified as one of the rheumatic disease. Arthritis makes it difficult for any person to be physically active and also makes them home bound. Arthritis can affect people differently, of all ages.

Symptoms of arthritis include fatigue, a rash, fever, pain in joints, swelling , stiffness, tenderness, decreased range of motion. Risk factors of arthritis may include hereditary, Age, obesity, or any previous joint injuries. Arthritis can make it it very difficult to take care of daily chores. The objective of arthritis treatment is to provide strength to joint, pain relief and increase the joint mobility.

Treatment may include medication, surgery, exercise, use of joint protection. Arthritis treatment options differs from each other depending on the type of arthritis. These arthritis bracelets are made so that sufferers can get proper and immediate treatment from first responders or paramedics in difficult situations.

My Identity Doctor specializes in providing quality arthritis bracelet for women as well as arthritis bracelet for men. This bracelets are fashionable pieces of accessory that look great on both men and women as they are very casual looking.

Arthritis Bracelets

Polished Front, Brushed Steel Back
Non-Allergenic 2mm Thick Stainless Steel
Slightly Curved for Your Wrist
Size: 1.75″ x .75″ (Made for Average Wrist Size)
Arthritis Bracelets is custom engraved

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