Asthma Bracelet

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Asthma is related with exposure to indoor allergens. An Asthma attack is a fearsome experience and its reaction can leave you struggling with breathe severely. Asthma can leave a person indifferent and incapable to tell information that might save his or her life.

Thus, it is important to have a line of protection, one of the best way to carry important message to medical experts or first responders. Asthma ID Bracelet is exactly the same as it sounds like: a medical bracelet that alerts first responders or medical experts trying to save you in emergency. Doctors also recommend asthma patients to wear Asthma Bracelet so that any unpredictable or emergencies situation can be avoided.

Asthma bracelets for kids can help save worthy time in medical emergency. My Identity Doctor makes asthma id bracelets and jewellery. This bracelets comes with lifetime engraving warranty to improve visibility and make it easy for paramedics to read and understand the medical condition of the sufferer. Engraving is the most important part and we specifically make our black engraving highly visible on all of our bracelets. These bracelets are made up of Non-Allergenic 2mm Thick Stainless Steel. Your safety is our primary focus.

Asthma Bracelet

Polished Front, Brushed Steel Back
Non-Allergenic 2mm Thick Stainless Steel
Slightly Curved for Your Wrist
Size: 2″ x .5″
Asthma Bracelets is custom engraved.

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