Combat Holiday Stress in these Five Ways

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Combat Holiday Stress in these Five WaysLife inspires us constantly to push the brain and emotional limits. The result is that we face all kinds of pressures that become sources of stress. However it is up to us to tame.

Stress can give rise to physiological and psychological response. At the physiological level, stress can even generate irritability, headaches, back pain, abdominal pain, insomnia, poor appetite or overeating, and vulnerability to virus.

Our anti-stress tips for better living


  1. Respect your sleep pattern : If you feel the call of the pillow, do not fight. Get down early, preferably at the same time. And think about dinner at least 1 hour before bedtime. Your digestion will be even better.

  2. From sports to relieve stress : Swimming, jogging, dancing or aerobics can fight effectively against stress. Practiced regularly, physical activity acts as a stress relief, stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and releases the euphoric dose needed to leave just exhausted but happy.

  3. Get organized : When you think that the situation is overwhelming you, you make a schedule and anticipate changes. This is applicable whether you are at home or in office. Prioritize your tasks, do the one that are more urgent than others while the less important can wait.

  4. Exercise : During this holiday period, learn to exercise as it helps to keep your body in shape. Exercise play an important role in keeping the body fit.

  5. Listen to music : Music is not only good for brain, it is equally good in relaxing tense muscles and prevent you from being overwhelmed with stress.

Lay out a strategy for January, February and beyond. It’s great that you would like to start doing healthy things – like exercising thirty minutes a day or making a meeting to get your high blood pressure checked – but don’t go dashing via your to-do list too fast or you will not adhere to your plan. Lay out realistic steps to the months ahead. For example, rather than joining a gym, you might want to start out a vigorous walking program first. It’s free, and it’s a sensible way to fit in more exercise.

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