Coumadin Bracelet

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Coumadin is an oral anticoagulant, or blood thinner, that is used to prevent or treat blood clots.

Some conditions that need treatment with an anticoagulant involves atrial fibrillation, blood clots in arteries or veins, heart failure, extensive heart attacks, heart valve replacement, and sometimes, following stent placement in a blood vessel.

The use of Coumadin must be checked closely in order to assure proper dosage and also minimize the risk of bleeding due to excessive blood thinning. We specially make Coumadin bracelets, for your safety.

Wearing Coumadin awareness bracelets is good if there is an emergency and you are not in a position to communicate that you are taking the blood thinners/ anticoagulant like Coumadin. Our black engraving on Coumadin awareness bracelets is the best for doctors and paramedics to read.

Coumadin Bracelet

Polished Front, Brushed Steel Back
Non-Allergenic 2mm Thick Stainless Steel
Slightly Curved for Your Wrist, Size: 2.25″ x .5″
COUMADIN Bracelets is custom engraved

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