Epilepsy Bracelets

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Epilepsy is a condition where brain’s normal functioning is disrupted causing a seizure. Around 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, and 80% of epilepsy occurs in developing countries.

There is no guaranteed cure for epilepsy, but medications will help keep epilepsy symptoms under control. A seizure can produce symptoms such as staring spell, temporary confusion, unconsciousness.

Approximately, 1000 deaths occur due to epilepsy in UK, most of them are associated with seizures and 42% of deaths were possibly avoidable.

The majority of seizures are controlled through drugs and healthy diet along with medicines. We specifically make Epilepsy bracelets, for your safety.

Medical professionals, paramedics and experts are trained to look for these bracelets in situations to identify the disorder or any other health conditions.

Epilepsy Bracelets

Curb Chain – Red
Personalized BLACK Engraving, Epilepsy Bracelets is custom engraved, Free Wallet Card Included

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