Peanut Allergy Bracelet

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Peanut allergy is the most common cause of deaths from food allergy. It affects 1.3% of the general population. It also affects 7 percent of brothers and sisters of persons having the allergy.

Many sufferers experience potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock due to allergic reactions to peanuts. It is difficult to avoid peanuts as they are most commonly used as an adulterant in the preparation of foods.

There is no cure to defeat or reduce the severity of peanut allergy. Wearing a medical bracelet will help make sure one gets the right treatment if he or she isn’t able to communicate during a severe reaction. It will include your name and type of food allergy you have.

If you have peanut allergy, always carry your epinephrine autoinjector or wear a peanut allergy bracelet or necklace.

Peanut Allergy Bracelet

Curb Chain – Red
BLACK Engraving

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