Sulfa Allergy Bracelet

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Allergies to sulfonamides are known as sulfa. Approximately 3 percent of people are sensitive to sulfonamides.

Because of the severity of sulfa allergies, doctors should be careful while prescribing them to patients. People with HIV/AIDS are particularly at high risk.It is important to avoid some foods, as they contains sulfa such as Celery, Radish, Eggs, Jam, Garlic, Canned foods.

My Identity Doctor provides you with the peace of mind that even when you can’t tell paramedics and doctors about your allergy, your sulfa allergy medical bracelet will.

Sulfa allergy awareness bracelets are made up of Non-allergic 2mm stainless steel and are slightly curved for wrist. Our pre-engraved bracelet helps protect you or your loved ones in an uneven situation.

Sulfa Allergy Bracelet

Curb Chain, BLACK Engraving
Sulfa Allergy Bracelets is custom engraved

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