Women’s Health: Thoughts for International Women’s Day

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Figure 8 shaped ribbon, pink, with pink text stating march 8th Women's DayIt makes sense that Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day are in the same month in the UK, doesn’t it! Perhaps March is also a good month to consider how to protect yourself, or encourage a woman in your life to do so, by going for that overdue medical check-up or that breast exam or mammogram, or pap test that is being put off!
How else can women focus on their health this month?
  • Learn about women’s health concerns:
    • Many women do not realize that signs of a heart attack may be different in women, as Carolyn shares on our US blog.
    • While we often think about breast cancer, cervical cancer, or ovarian cancer when it comes to woman’s health issues, women should also undergo routine colonoscopies and other tests to check for colon cancer.
    • Conditions like osteoporosis can be caught early (known as osteopenia) so long as bone scans are done routinely. Taking supplements of calcium and vitamin D (as recommended by your doctor) may also be good ways to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Check in with your emotional/mental health
    • Postpartum depression is a diagnosis unique to women who have just given birth. If you have a new little one at home, but are still feeling the blues, check in with your doctor for resources and mental health support.
    • Anxiety and depression are common in women as well—if you believe that you are not feeling right, act on it and get the support you need!
    • Stress is real, and for women who are simply doing too much—raising kids or grandkids or nieces or nephews, working, maintaining a social life, and trying to assist in keeping the household running!—things may get overwhelming at time. Learn ways to reduce stress and cope with it.
    • Do not be afraid to ask for help!
  • Relax when possible, and take time to socialize!
    • It is important to take time out, no matter how busy you may feel you are (or even no matter how NOT busy you feel!)
    • Read, watch TV, colour, go for a walk, take a bath—these are all ways you may find helpful to unwind: leave us your tips in the comments!
    • Visiting with friends is also important, and something that often happens a lot less as we get older—why? Take time to see old friends and make new ones!
    • Exercise is also important and maybe hard to get—maybe grab a coffee with a friend and then go for a walk at the same time?
These are just a few tips to stay as healthy as possible—what are yours?
Have a happy International Women’s Day, and for the mums out there, Happy Mothers Day, too! And if your mom has a medical condition and would benefit from wearing medical ID, consider a My Identity Doctor Medical ID Gift Card so she can pick something to help her stay safe. Contact us to learn more, and make your gift a thoughtful one that’s also easy to shop for!
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