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Promoting Good Quality Health Resources on Health Information Week (West Midlands) – July 6 to July 12

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Health Information Week (West Midlands) July 6 to July 12Are you aware of the upcoming health information week to be held on July 6 to July 12 in West Midlands? This event is generally a multi-sector and region-wide campaign aimed at promoting good quality health resources available to members of the public. One of the main benefits of this event is that it encourages partnerships across all sectors and benefits the public through increasing awareness about the health resources they can access.

Background of the health information week
The first health information week was successfully held in 2005 in West Midlands. It was such a success that it was converted into a yearly event in this region. Since then, these events have been paved the way for wide consultations to gather feedback and produce quality reports. Having this kind of campaign for promoting good quality health resources will help in fulfilling most of the nationwide requirements, such as encouraging partnership working and also enhancing access to high quality information and helping local communities live healthier lives. It is expected that by collaborating with all interested partners will enhance general access to quality healthcare resources. This will not only benefit members of the public, but also the employees of the various organisations.

How the health information week is conducted

All the documentation and information will be distributed extensively for these organisations and staff groups:


·         Public librarians

·         Health librarians

·         Council staff

·         PALS and PPI

·         Health promotion and public health

·         Specialist resource centres


Employees will be requested to partner and collaborate with other employees within the same staff group and location. Promoting good quality health resources also calls for creativity, since the aim is to reach more people. This includes things like placing displays in new locations to promote their health resources, holding raffles and competition to promote participation and health fairs among others.


During the health information week in West Midlands, some providers may want to concentrate their resources on dealing with specific topics, instead of the broad health information subject. This means covering most of the government’s prioritised health issues, such as:


·         Reducing obesity and promoting exercise

·         Improving sexual health

·         Supporting sensible drinking

·         Improving wellbeing and mental health

·         Tackling health inequalities


Looking at previous reports on the health information week in West Midlands will give participants suggestions and ideas on how they can take part in the event this year. As you participate in this important event, remember to always have your medical ID jewellery with you in case any emergency. Having a well-designed medical bracelet can give important information to caregivers if you experience any difficulties during the event.


As always, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.


Women’s Medical Bracelet with Walnut Leaves Chain

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Bracelet is a jewelry that is in the form of a strap or a chain that is worn in the wrist or in the ankle. Some of these are created with interlocking loops and others do not have it. This is usually used as accessories for improving one’s personality. Bracelets also represent functions or it is used as identification such as the medical bracelet. Medical bracelets used to identify patients with different illnesses. It helps the medical staff in identifying the illness of certain patient and be able to determine quickly the kind of treatment that the patient needs. This is very helpful in emergency cases that immediately alerts the medical personnel and be able to provide the correct prescription immediately just like the women’s bracelet which is designed with walnut leaves chain.

Walnut Leaf Chain

Medical Bracelet with Walnut Leaves Chain

Walnut leaves chain is a medical alert bracelet for women are fashioned with unique colored leaves which are made of steel. This women’s bracelet is skillfully engraved with identification that comes in black that can be easily read by anyone especially the medical team. It is a women’s bracelet embellished with walnut leaves chain that can be durably used wear every day. The walnuts will not rust even if it gets wet everyday and it comes in brown, silver, and gold leaves.

My-identity-Doctor is the most reliable website that offers this kind of medical alert bracelets for women. This can be used in any kind of occasions where it can be always useful n times of medical emergency. The details of this women’s medical ID bracelet includes black engraving, made of 316L steel with 2mm and .75”x .30” in size, polished front, 3 lines are made available for customized engraving, non allergic, and comfortably curve on the wrist. Other details of the this women’s bracelet are the clasp which is likened to a lobster claw, custom sized, an adult bracelet which is artistically designed by “My Identity Doctor” which is adjustable and suitable for 4” to 8” wrists, and most of all it is matched with earrings E14.

The importance of medical ID jewelry is easily identifies the chronic disease that the patient has. It helps in providing the appropriate treatment once this jewelry symbol has been identified by medical specialists. It helps you to keep safe because it is a medical symbol that is easy to recognize. This walnut leaves chain women’s bracelets are specifically designed for various illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, lung disease, and others.

Wearing these medical alert bracelets for women is very helpful especially if the patient has an accident or if you cannot tell your defects and the bracelet will just serve a symbol for somebody or to someone else to identify it. Furthermore it is an accessory that will always look good with any kind outfit that you are going to wear. This is also helpful wearing it in any kind of celebrations where you can accidentally eat something which is against to your health condition.


Build Your Stylish Medical ID Bracelet

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Pink Millefiori Heart Glass Medical BraceletLong gone are the days of only having only one clunky, unattractive Medical ID bracelet to choose from! Now you can choose from a variety of styles and colors that will make your medical jewelry as fashionable as can be.

The bracelet Medical ID plates are available in over five varieties of shapes and sizes. Color choices for the medical alert symbol come in the following colors: red, pink, light blue, yellow, white, blue, green, lime green, and purple. You will now be able to coordinate your medical alert bracelet with your entire wardrobe! Read More…


Kids with Asthma Safety Tips

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living with asthmaAsthma is a health condition that affects a person’s airways called breathing tubes. These tubes lead from the trachea or windpipe into the lungs. Asthma is characterized by reversible, recurrent and airway obstruction. The airway inflammation may result to airway hyperactivity.

Compared to adults, kids need a complete attention to treat their asthma. If you have kids suffering from this health problem, this is your chance to solve this issue. Read More…


World Asthma Day

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Yesterday 6th May marked as World Asthma Day, a day organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to bring more focus on Asthma and this year’s theme is “You Can Control Your Asthma”. This event is a partnership encompassing healthcare groups and asthma educators to elevate awareness about asthma and promote increased asthma care globally.

Scientists who specialize in the study and development of asthma treatments consider asthma control as having two main components: control of symptoms and managing of future risks. So the more information that is available to health care organizations and the public in general, the better. Read More…

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