Things you Need to Know this World Asthma Day

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World asthma day is an international day organised with the help of health care groups and doctors in order to raise awareness about this affliction and to educate people on how to prevent it or treat it. There are many people around the world who might suffer without even knowing the causes of asthma and how to keep it under control and for this reason many health care groups and organisations are trying to inform as many as

In case you are worried of having a serious asthma attack, it is highly advisable to purchase and wear a medical identification tag, which can be in the form of a bracelet. This tag will offer the information required to treat your condition if the paramedics find you unconscious and are unaware of your immediate problem. Wearing the bracelet will let them know that you have asthma, and you may have just suffered an asthma attack and this way they can save your life without wasting any precious time.

It is important to know that asthma attacks are usually caused by so-called ‘triggers’ which can refer to generic air pollution, chemical irritants such as various fragrances, pollen, dust and many others. These are the leading causes of asthma, and the way to prevent it or to simply keep it under control without further aggravation is to avoid the triggers once you identify them.

One of the main causes of asthma, if not truly the root of the problem, may be hay fever, which scientists believe to lead to many cases of asthma. It’s not necessarily the only cause because some people who are diagnosed with asthma don’t suffer from hay fever. In order to prevent your symptoms from worsening and having a serious asthma attack make sure to go to your doctor at the beginning of the pollen season so you can receive a stronger type of medication.

Asthma prevention is rather difficult to achieve, especially if you are unaware of your own sensitivities. Knowing what can possibly trigger this affliction and stay away from those triggers is the only thing you can really do in order to prevent it from happening to you. There is some preventer type of medicine, and it will lower significantly the risks of having an asthma attack, and it will prevent your symptoms from getting worse.

Every day more and more people suffer from asthma attacks mainly because they are unaware of the symptoms and causes, so please help to spread the word and if you have any further information, opinions or experiences you would like to share, feel free to comment and post on the blog. Anything you have to say may prove useful and informative for others.

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