Tips for Halloween Safety

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jack-o-lantern-pumpkins-11288879970iUJPIt’s coming up to Halloween time, and that means trick-or-treaters will be storming the streets. Here are some quick tips from My Identity Doctor to help you and your kids have a safe and healthy halloween.
  • Be bright. Glow sticks, reflective tape, and flashlights added to costumes can help kids be more visible. Wear bright coloured costumes to help out—while they might not be as scary, not much is scarier than a car coming at you unexpectedly!
  • If pets are walking around with you, they may be easily startled, and should also have something bright attached to them to stay safe.
  • Stay outside. Remind kids never to go inside a stranger’s house on Halloween night.
  • Check candy. Remind kids never to eat candy before they get home. If they really can’t resist, send some safe candy from home with them for their adventure.
  • Read labels. If your child has food allergies, ensure you read all candy labels or contact manufacturers. Have safe candy at home for them to have a treat while you’re checking their candy.
  • Be mindful of medical needs. If your kids have medical conditions, ensure you’re prepared for anything that might arise when you’re out—such as high or low blood sugars for kids with diabetes, seizure disorders, fatigue, or asthma (bonfires or exertion might cause symptoms). For kids with autism or other sensory issues, having another parent or adult along—whether collecting candy individually or in a group—might help to keep your child safe in a time that might be full of sensory overload. Another adult can help you keep an eye on the child with autism, or allow you to take an overwhelmed child home and allow others in the group to keep going with supervision.
And of course, our Medical ID products from My Identity Doctor compliment any costume—mix your fun with safety for a lower-stress night out.

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