Understanding and Respecting the Person with Dementia

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understanding dementia behaviorsI saw a Dementia patient few years ago in my locality. He was suffering through a disease where he forgot his ability to remember his name, family and the place where he lived. But most panicking was our neighbours completely disturbed him. Sometimes he began to attack them. Few people will not agree to consider dementia as a behavioural disease. In a medical term dementia is not a particular disease. It can be caused by a number of disorders which affect the brain.

Brain cells gradually became dead in this type of disease. It can bring the whole personality change. It can create some kind of hallucinations and the people who are suffering from this disease can forget their past memories and also the language skill. There are few symptoms of dementia patient – Frequent memory losses; it is the first symptoms actually. Sometime people lost their car keys, purse. They can’t execute a proper plan even unable to do familiar activity. In after stages they forgot their mother languages and it’s difficult for them to write it. According to these symptoms there are few kinds of dementia like:

Cortical Dementia- In this type brain damage primarily effect on the brain’s outer layer. This type of dementia patient lost his primary memory, language, and thinking. Sub cortical dementia- Here the dementia affect the lower cortex of the brain. This dementia changes the emotion and movement.

Progressive Dementia- It’s interfering on more and more cognitive ability

Secondary Dementia – It’s occurs as a effect of any disease

According to Department of Health and Human Services if you or your family members suffering in dementia they need more protection and care. These people need more supervision. They need the help of others for cooking, housework and shopping. I will suggest you do not leave this people alone in road. They can be missing or an accident can be occurred. If you send this person alone in road please write the name of this person and address. One thing you can give the patient a dementia bracelet. This is a medical ID bracelet. Id bracelet clearly states that this person have dementia. This bracelet signifies the name and the emergency contact number of this person. I even saw few people didn’t able to do the communication. This bracelet is very helpful for those people. This helps you to return your close one to home. Patient who is in the early stages of dementia may feel shame but your supportive nature can insist them to wear it.

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