World Asthma Day: Asthma Facts

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2563157fdbdfb6a1d9a9f9d39715157e03b61dAsthma is a common lung condition that affects 11 million people in the UK. [1] 1.1 million, or 10% of those living with asthma are children, according to Asthma UK. [1] While asthma is treatable, there is no cure—ongoing research strives to find better treatments and, one day, a cure for asthma.
Asthma causes inflammation in the lungs, which along with muscle constriction around the airways, can cause people to exxperience problems breathing (known as an asthma attack, flare up, or exacerbation). It can develop at any age, and ranges from mild to severe—though even people with mild asthma can have a severe, life-threatening, or fatal asthma attack. While people do die from asthma, proper treatment and ensuring you carry a rescue inhaler (blue puffer) if you have asthma, can help to decrease the risk of having a fatal asthma attack.
People with asthma are able to do anything they like (with the notable exception of SCUBA diving, which may not be as far off the mark as some used to think [2]). Exercise may trigger asthma, but is encouraged so long as asthma is well controlled (and can help manage asthma!)—taking a rescue inhaler as prescribed your doctor beforehand can help. Allergens (dust, animals, foods), chemicals, weather, illnesses, and more can cause asthma to flare up—people with asthma need to learn their triggers and figure out how to avoid them where possible (though, as someone with asthma, it is much easier said than done!)
If you have asthma, Asthma UK offers many programs for people living with asthma. Visit Asthma UK to learn more about what you can get involved with to support those living with asthma. May 2 is World Asthma Day, and there is no better time to get involved in changing asthma than during Asthma Awareness Month, which runs through the month of May.

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